Beiheft | Supplement 5/2012

Edited by Antje Kley and Peter Schneck

Audiences, Networks, Performances:
Studies in U.S.-American Media History

Antje Kley
Peter Schneck

Looking Backward: Media History from the Perspective of Facebook
[1–3]  html | pdf

Philipp Schweighauser:

Book and Wax: Two Early American Media of Deception
[4–44]  html | pdf

Julia Faisst:

Degrees of Exposure: Frederick Douglass, Daguerreotypes, and Representations of Freedom
[45–70]  html | pdf

Sabine Schindler:

The American Popular Lecture System and the Public Sphere in 19th-Century America
[71–100]  html | pdf

Florian Sedlmeier:

(Re-)Staging Venice: William Dean Howells's Intermedial Flânerie
[101–127]  html | pdf

Barbara Straumann:

"We didn't need dialogue, we had faces": The Public Bodies of Gloria Swanson
[128–146]  html | pdf

Catrin Gersdorf:

Paper Pleasure: The Book as Medium, Metaphor, and Artifact in Fahrenheit 451
[147–170]  html | pdf

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