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Philips EM400T — Transmission electron microscope (TEM)
Research Center of Electron Microscopy



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General view


Transmission electron microscopy, 3D-reconstruction techniques, cryo-tomography, peptides, structurally persistent micelles, amphiphilic copolymers, ternary block copolymers, J-aggregates, viral fusion proteins.

Our Research Projects:

Our Methodologies:

  • CTEM
  • Cryo-TEM
  • Cryo-Negative staining
  • Cryo-Tomography
  • 3D-Reconstruction (Single Particle Method using IMAGIC 5)

Our Instrumentation:

  • Tecnai F20 FEG with Eagle 2k CCD Camera
  • Philips CM12
  • Philips EM400
  • Gatan Cryo Holder and -transfersystem (Model 626)
  • Gatan Cryo High Tilt Tomography Holder and -transfersystem (Model 914)


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