Courses and Seminars 


Course Title and Teacher
Autumn 2006 Fall Academy 2006
Autumn 2005 Fall Academy 2005
Winter 2004/2005   Neuropsychiatry, Psychology and Biology of aging
September 15-17, 2004 Fall Academy Berlin
Fall/Winter 2003/2004 Topics in the psychology and psychiatry of aging
October 9-10, 2003 Dissertation Workshop 2003, Harnack Haus
Spring/Summer 2003 Topics in the psychology of aging
Fall/Winter 2002/2003 Topics in the psychiatry of aging
October 6-9, 2002 Fall Academy Doelln
Spring/Summer 2002 Health Psychology and Topics from a lifespan perspective (Smith, Baltes, Schwarzer)
Fall/Winter 2001/2002 Introduction to Gerontology (Dr. Jacqui Smith, Prof. P.B. Baltes, Prof. I. Heuser)
October 3-7, 2001

Fall Academy Liebenwalde
Spring/Summer 2001

Dissertation Seminar (Methods of Data Analysis)
Fall/Winter 2000/2001

Psychology of Aging: Central Theories and Recent Findings (Dr. Jacqui Smith, Dr. Ralf Krampe, Dr. Shu-Chen Li)

Dissertation Workshop  (December 2000)

Dissertation Seminar (January 2001)
Spring/Summer 2000

Health and Aging (Prof. Schwarzer, Dr. Knäuper)

Dissertation Seminar (Dr. Jacqui Smith)

Workshop on Multivariate Linear Modelling (March 2000; Dr. Paolo Ghisletta)

Workshop zu Methoden der Identifikation
 von Veränderungsmustern (April 2000; Dr. Judith Glück)
Fall/Winter 1999/2000

Psychiatrie des Alters  (Prof. Helmchen, Prof. Kanowski)                
Spring/Summer 1999

Psychology of Aging (Prof. Baltes, Dr. Smith)

Fall Academy Dölln (October 1999)